Squero di San Trovaso

The genius will explore what you can pay for!

Say Venice and you say gondola. There are roughly 400 gondolas in active service on the canals. Gondola builder is a typical Venetian mix of art and craft that is still in practice. The gondolas are built and repaired by a handful of squeri (wharfs) in and around the city.

The most accessible is Squero di San Trovaso, on the Rio San Trovaso. Here you can watch the craftsmen at work and see how the gondolas (and other typical Venetian boats like pupparini and sandoli) are constructed. Each gondola is handmade and consists of hundreds of parts and eight different types of wood. Tours can be arranged for groups of 25+ persons. But when the weather is good, the doors are open and you can watch the craftsmen from a distance.

Address: Fondamenta Bonlini 1097, Venice