Banco Lotto n. 10

The genius will explore what you can pay for!

At first sight Banco Lotto n. 10 is an ‘ordinary’ boutique, selling dresses, coats, jackets and bags. But all of the clothes and accessories are designed and handmade by inmates of the women’s prison on the island Giudecca. It’s part of the prison’s reintegration program, which provides the women with professional training and work experience.

They work exclusively with delicate and expensive materials, like velvet, pure silk and damask. These fabrics are donated by Rubelli, the famous textile firm that also produces fabrics for brands like Armani Home. The level of the designs is so high, that even the Teatro La Fenice regularly places orders for costumes. Because it’s a non-profit organization, the store is remarkably affordable.

Address: Castello 3478, salizada Sant'Antonin, near the church of San Giovanni in Bragora.