Mount of Olives

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The Mount of Olives in East Jerusalem is mentioned often in the Bible. According to the New Testament, Jesus taught his disciples there and went there to find peace. It is also written that, when the end of time comes, the dead who are buried on the Mount of Olives, will be the first to resurrect. Therefore, the Mount of Olives is a popular cemetery to this day.

At the foot of the slightly over 800 meters high mountain lays Gethsemane, where Jesus was handed over to the Romans. From the top you have a fantastic view of the 'City of Gold'. You see the different shrines, the city walls and the Jewish, Christian and Muslim cemeteries. You can walk to the Mount of Olives from the Old City, via Lions Gate. If you do not feel like it you can always hail one of the many taxis around.

Address: Mount of Olives (Arabic: Dzjebel ez- Zeytun, Hebrew: Har HaZeitim), East Jerusalem