Mahane Yehuda Market

The genius will explore what you can pay for!

The colourful Mahane Yehuda Market has always been worth a visit, but has recently become quite fashionable with trendy cafes and boutiques. A fun way to explore the market is to buy a ‘bite card’. You will receive a map and a punch card that allows you to taste local food at several places. Do you want get to work? Then sign up for a ‘shuk cooking workshop’, a special tour where you get a tour of the market. Meanwhile, you buy fresh ingredients to prepare, under supervision, a traditional Middle Eastern vegetarian meal. Of course you can eat it yourself. After the merchants have packed up, the market turns into an entertainment district with bars, live music and restaurants, serving food that to both tourists and locals. We recommend the successful Machneyuda restaurant, where fresh products from the market are transformed into delicious dishes.  

More information about the ‘shuk cooking workshop' and ‘bite card' can be found on