Church of the Holy Sepulchre

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The Church of the Holy Sepulchre was built on the spot where, according to the tradition, Jesus was crucified and buried: Calvary or Gogoltha. The first monument arose here in the 4th century AD. The present church, however, dates from 1149 and was built by the Crusaders. The Holy Sepulchre is a fascinating and chaotic building where various religious denominations have their own place. Once inside, the entrance is free, climb a narrow flight of stairs on the right side. Upstairs, you can reach into a hole to touch the rock on which Jesus' Cross is said to have stood. 

Back downstairs, walk to a large marble stone, sprinkled with rose water. This would be the stone on which Jesus' body was embalmed. Russian tourists lay their newly bought souvenirs here at the altar, before going back home. A little further back in the church you can visit the grave. What many tourists don't know: once you are outside, you will see a small door on your left. Here, Ethiopian monks have found their place. You can just walk in. This route will lead you to the roof of the church, where the Ethiopians live. From this special place you can continue your journey through the Old City.

Address: Old City of Jerusalem, Christian Quarter