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The Grossmünster is the great cathedral in the center of Zurich. According to tradition, Charlemagne founded early 9th century a small church on the graves of Felix and Regula. These two Roman martyrs would have, after their execution because of their Christian faith, carried their heads to the top of the hill to the place where the Grossmünster is located. The horse of Charlemagne would have kneeled at their graves.

In 1100 they started the construction of the Romanesque-Gothic church, but the works were not completed until the 15th century. Thereafter there have been many changes. The interior is fairly simple, although the architectural elements are outstanding in terms of design. In the large crypt of the Grossmünster is a 15th century statue of Charlemagne. From the pulpit of the Grossmünster spread the humanist Ulrich Zwingli the Reformation. In that period, the furniture and the decoration was removed. The stained glass windows are of a later date and designed by Augusto Giacometti.

Address: Münsterhof 2, 8001 Zürich