Chinese Garden

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A Chinese garden in Switzerland might be a bit strange but the two countries still have a commitment to each other. Zurich helped the Chinese town ‘Kunming’ with the construction of the sewer and water system. As thanks for this, the Chinese offered this beautiful traditional garden. This gift from China is named after one of the main themes of Chinese culture ‘Three Friends of Winter’. These three friends are standing in front of pine, bamboo and plum blossom. The surrounding Chinese wall ensures that it is an enclosed garden.

When you enter the gate you feel like you're really just in a totally different country. The detailed temples, trees and bamboo plants are totally Zen and in ying-yang style. The water palace is situated central and is decorated with beautiful lanterns and authentic furniture. You'll find this special garden in the Seefeld district on the right bank of the lake, in the Zürichhorn Park.

Address: Bellerivestrasse 138, 8008 Zürich