Memorial of Heroic Self-Sacrifice

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Heroes aren’t always rich, famous and lionized. Often they’re ordinary people who’ve done something extraordinary. In honour of these forgotten heroes there is the Memorial of Heroic Self-Sacrifice in Postman’s Park, close to St. Paul’s Cathedral. The monument exists of over fifty ceramic tiles in memory of ordinary people who sacrificed themselves or gave their life to save that of others. Their name and a description of their heroic act are painted on the tiles. It paints a picture of heroic men and women who rescue others from drowning, train crashes, sinking ships, raging fires and toxic gasses.

The memorial is the result of the tireless lobby of initiator and artis George Frederic Watts. He said: “The material prosperity of a nation is not an abiding possession; the deeds of its people are.”

Address: Postman’s Park  St. Martin's Le Grand London EC1A