Golden Gate Park en Haight-Ashbury

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Golden Gate Park is a spot that’s not that well-known with tourists. You won’t be surprised to hear that is located close to the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s about 4 km2 and one of the most visited parks in the United States. It’s a great place for strolling and perfect to combine with a bike ride through town and over the Golden Gate Bridge. You really feel like you’re in the outdoors, with many different trees, plants and flowers. The best time to visit the park is May and June, when everything is in bloom. There’s also a large museum of natural history and a botanical garden.

Bordering the park is the hippie neighbourhood Haight-Ashbury, or ‘The Haight’ for short. These days The Haight is divided into two areas, Upper and Lower Haight. Upper Haight has more upmarket shops that attract both tourists and wealthier residents. The Lower Haight is the home base of several music clubs and is mostly known for its nightlife. Here you find mostly old and new clothing stores, among which many vintage stores.