Times Square

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Times Square is one of the most famous places in New York. The image of the neon signs and electronic billboards appears in so many movies and TV shows that many people can know it by heart without ever having been there. The square is sometimes called The Crossroads of the World. Because of the enormous crowds and flashy neon signs a visit to Times Square is an (overwhelming) experience for all of your senses. Times Square is on corner of Broadway and 7th Avenua, between 42th and 47th street. It’s in the busy Broadway Theatre distric, so you can combine your visit with a night out on Broadway. Either way it’s most impressive to visit Times Square by night. In the dark the neon lighting is even more prominent.

Every Year, New Year’s Eve on Times Square is an enormous event. At 11.59 pm a big, shining ball comes down a high flag pole in exactly 60 seconds. It draws about a million people each year. A staggering one billion people worldwide watch the event on TV.