Statue of Liberty

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The Statue of Liberty is a universal symbol of freedom. This colossal statue of copper and steel was a gift of the people of France in 1886, to celebrate one hundred years of independence of the United States. Lady Liberty is 46 meters high, or even 93 meters if you include the foundation. The statue was designed by Gustav Eiffel and stands on Liberty Island. You can climb the Statue of Liberty, all the way up to the crown, from where you look out over Manhattan. You can reach Liberty Island by boat from Battery Park, at the Southern tip of Manhattan. Some tickets also take you to Ellis Island. Ellis Island was the first stop for many immigrants, coming to the United States by boat around 1900.

If you don’t necessarily want to visit Liberty Island, but do want to see the Statue of Liberty up close, you can take the Staten Island Ferry. It is free and comes very close to the island. It runs 24/7 from South Ferry Station.