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Everything in Rome breathes history. The world famous ruins, the art, the Vatican; there is hardly a place on earth with so much historical and cultural significance. Once the Roman Empire was the most powerful and most prosperous civilization in the world, with Rome as the center of power. The memories of that time are still visible everywhere. However, the Eternal City is by no means an open-air museum. Rome lives and moves and buzzes and is a modern city in an ancient setting. If you like, you can choose for a walk through ancient Rome with an audiotour:

Rome is the good life. The Romans are eating and drinking and dancing and shopping and are always outside and on the move - a thing to note is the constant traffic chaos. You'll find in Rome the best food and the best coffee and the most dazzling art. Go there and stay there. Or throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain and you’ll certainly come back.