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The Portuguese capital of Lisbon lays spread out over seven hills along the Tejo river. The atmospheric alleys, the gastronomy, rich culture and the mild climate make it a perfect destination for a city trip. It's metropolitan, yet compact. It has world class museums, ancient history and hyper modern architecture. But even more than in important sights, the charm of Lisbon is in its atmosphere. 

Wander through the web of back alleys in the old fishermen's and poor people's neighborhood Alfalma. Listen to moving and melancholic fado in hidden bars and restaurants. Have some fish at the Docas. Visit the gorgeous historical Castelo de São Jorge. Take a ride on the famous tram 28. Go for a walk in the sun along the Tejo river. Wait in line for the famous pasteís - sweet, cream-filled pastry - of Confeiteria de Belém. Admire the hypermodern architecture in the Parque das Naçoes district. View the city form above at one of the many viewing points. Drink a bica (espresso) at the bar and ginjas (sour cherry liqueur) in the street. 

The best time to visit Lisbon in May - June and September - October. In these months it's warm, but not too hot, with little rainfall.