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Pushkar is a cute little city built around the Pushkar lake, in which Brahma is said to have dropped a lotus flower. For many Hindus, this makes a pilgrimage town that have to visit at least once in their life. The town has a mere 52 bathing ghats, where the pilgrims bath in the holy water. There’re 400 temples, among which one of the world’s few Brahma temples. Despite being pretty touristy, Pushkar remains a nice town to kick back for a bit.

One week per year Pushkar is being dominated by Rajasthan’s most famous festival: the Pushkar Camel Mela. This camel market draws 50.000 camels and 200.000 visitors. Farmers from all of Rajasthan come to Pushkar to buy and sell camels. During the festival there are tons of activities and competitions, sports events and races. Think moustache competitions, turban tying and snake charming. The Pushkar Camel Mela lasts seven days and concludes on the full moon of the month Kartika, which falls in October or November.