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The Golden City

Jaisalmer rises like a mirage in the endless Thar desert. This fairytale-like city has an atmosphere of thousand and one nights and foregone times of maharajas and extraordinary wealth. Jaisalmer was an important post on the camel caravan trade routes between India and Central Asia, causing the city to florish in the 16th and 17th century. The city and the breathtaking Jaisalmer Fort are made of golden sandstone, earning it the nickname the Golden City. The winding streets take you past gorgeously carved havelis (merchant’s houses), temples and bazaars. Nowadays there are still about three thousand people living within the walls of the Jaisalmer Fort, which adds to the experience.

Besides the fort, the camel safaris in the Thar deserts are very popular among tourists. Usually a jeep will drive you into the desert, from where you’ll continue on a camel’s back. The sand dunes, villages, oasis and camping under the stars make this an unforgettable adventure.