Phuket Town

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Actually, the somewhat sleepy Phuket Town is a typical messy Thai provincial town, with left atmospheric traces from the past. In downtown Phuket Town are many shops and houses in Sino-Portuguese style that recall the floriferous 19th century. At that time Phuket attracted many immigrants because of the presence of tin and rubber. Many of them settled in Phuket Town. Many houses are made of wood, because the metal was too expensive in the early days. The Chinese influence is also recognized by the various Chinese temples that adorn the city, for example the colorful painted Jui Tui temple. An interesting Buddhist temple in Phuket City is the 200 year old Wat Put Yaw with its beautiful original mosaics. Phuket Town has several interesting local markets and shopping centers such as the many boutiques and galleries on the Thanon Thalang in the Chinese district. In the evening you can visit the many restaurants, bars and clubs. Also several live concerts and cabaret performances are given. The visiting public are mainly locals.