Lake Geneva and the Jet d'Eau fountain

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Lake Geneva is on the border of Switzerland (to the north) and France (to the south). It's total size is almost 600 km2. The lake is considered the hotspot of the city. Besides swimming or renting a paddle boat you can stroll around the lake on the promemades and stop for a drink or some food. The Mouettes, a sort of water taxi, make it possible to cross the water. Bigger boats invite you to make a boat ride around Lake Geneva. 

The eyecatcher of the lake - or really of the entire city, since it's visible from almost every point in town - is the gigantic Jet d'Eau fountain. It was originally used as a safety valve for the hydraulic factory Coulouvreniève, but it's grown out to be the symbol of the city. It was moved to its current position in 1891, where it's a crowdpleaser until this day. Two large pumps spray about 500 liters of water per second, going up to 140 meters up. The water leaves the pump at around 200 km/hour. And watch out, because if the wind blows from the 'wrong' direction, you'll be soaked in no time. At night the fountain in beautifully lit. It's probably one of the most photographed objects in the city. 



Adres: Quai Gustave-Ador, 1207 Genève, Zwitserland