Place de la Bourse

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The impressive 18th century Place de la Bourse, also known as the Place Royal, is located on the north side of the quays of Bordeaux in the old town. At this square you will find the masterly exhibitions and customs buildings in baroque style, showing that the town of Bordeaux used to get its power and wealth from trade in colonial goods. 

Originally, in the middle of the square stood an equestrian statue of Louis XV. During the French Revolution, this monument was torn down. It was later replaced by the Fontaine des Trois Graces (Fountain of the Three Graces), the daughters of Zeus.  

Today, the Stock Exchange and the Chamber of Commerce are located at the Place de la Bourse. Especially when the weather is good, the Place de la Bourse fills up with people.

Address: Quai du Maréchal Lyautey, 33000 Bordeaux