Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux

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The Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux was designed by the architect Victor Louis (1731–1800) commissioned by the Duke of Richelieu. The construction of the theatre started in 1773 and was completed in 1780. The théâtre was conceived as a temple of the Arts and Light, with a neo-classical facade and has an imposing pediment of 88 by 47 meters. It has a portico of 12 Corinthian style colossal columns which support an entablature with 12 statues on it, representing the nine Muses and three goddesses (Juno, Venus and Minerva).  

The inside of the theatre was restored in 1991, and has returned to its original colours of blue and gold. The Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux is one of the oldest wooden frame opera houses in Europe that hasn't burnt down or required rebuilding. The hall can accommodate 1114 people. Today the theatre is home to the Opéra National de Bordeaux, as well as the Ballet National de Bordeaux.

Address: Place de la Comédie, 33000 Bordeaux