Tanah-Lot Temple

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One of the reasons Bali's main draws is the religious culture, that is very present on the Hindu island. Visiting one of the temples is kind of a must. Tanah-Lot is the most extraordinarily situated temple: on a rock formation just off the coast. The name literally means earth (Tanah) and sea (Lot). This Hindu temple is only accessible at low tide and is about the most popular - and most photographed - tourist attraction of Bali. But if you prefer not to join the tourist masses, there are plenty of alternatives.

Pura Luhur Uluwatu is one of the nine largest Hindu temples on the island, built in the 11th century and has with sea views as well. You can visit the temple without a guide at sunset. Every night there is traditional dancing. Pura Besakih, Mother Temple, in the northeast of Bali, is seen as the most important of the nine temples. It was built at the Gunung Agung, the highest mountain on the island. The large complex consists of 28 different buildings, spread out over seven terraces. 

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