Portuguese Synagogue

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This remarkable brick synagogue was inspired by the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem and remains the heart of the small Sephardic community for which it was built in 1675. The Sephardic Jews came late 16th century to Amsterdam and asked some 100 years later to Elias Bouman to design this impressive synagogue and to build it. The design is traditional: the Hechal (Holy Ark) is pointed at Jerusalem, opposite there is the Teba (the elevated place in the synagogue) where the cantor (reader) leads the service. The large arbor is lit by over 1,000 candles.

The sturdy building also illustrates in all its stateliness the rivalry between the wealthy Sephardic Jews and the poorer Ashkenazim Sefardens whose synagogue was half its size.

To visit the Portuguese Synagogue you need a ticket for the Jewish Cultural Quarter. This ticket is valid for a month, hereby you can also visit the Jewish Historical Museum and the Dutch Theatre. In each of the three participating cultural partners you can purchase the ticket at the box office.

Address Portuguese Synagogue: Mr. Visserplein 3, 1011 RD  Amsterdam